Sealing Solutions for Marine Vessels

The following literature provides a basic overview of the Marine Industry. View by turning the pages using the arrow on the right side (we recommend expanding to full-screen mode), double-click on a page to zoom in or out, or Download here.


The commercial marine industry is a dynamic and global sector involved in the operation, management, and transportation of goods, passengers, and resources by sea. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including shipping, fishing, offshore exploration and production, tourism and leisure, port operations, and maritime services.

This industry plays a critical role in international trade, resource exploration, and economic development, and is subject to international regulations, environmental considerations, and evolving technologies to ensure safety, sustainability, and efficiency in maritime operations.

Our innovative sealing solutions are used in a range of marine-based applications from offshore oil drilling platforms and crude oil tankers, to LNG carriers; meeting the ABS and DNV-GL certifications. Whatever the marine sector, Durlon offers a diverse and highly specialized selection of sealing solutions specifically designed to increase safety and reduce downtime.

Below is a list of DurlonĀ® gasket recomendations for the Marine industry: