Flexible Graphite Sheet Gaskets

Durlon® Flexible Graphite sheet gasket material stands out for its exceptional thermal stability and resilience under extreme conditions. This gasket material is an excellent choice for high-temperature applications, such as steam services, heat exchangers, and high-pressure piping in industries like power generation, refining, and metallurgy. The material's flexibility allows it to conform to even the minutest surface irregularities, ensuring a tight seal. Additionally, its high thermal conductivity helps maintain effective heat transfer, which is crucial in applications involving temperature fluctuations and thermal cycling.

The resilience of Durlon® Flexible Graphite sheet material is further highlighted by its resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and organic compounds, making it versatile across various chemical environments. Unlike other gasket materials, it maintains its integrity even when exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme heat, minimizing the risk of failure and leakage. This combination of high performance, durability, and safety makes Durlon Flexible Graphite an invaluable component in critical sealing operations.