Sealing Solutions for OEM Services

The following literature provides a basic overview of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Services. View by turning the pages using the arrow on the right side (we recommend expanding to full-screen mode), double-click on a page to zoom in or out, or Download here.


Durlon® gasket technologies develops and manufactures special and custom-made sealing solutions according to customer specifications for various OEMs and customized applications. Our dedicated engineers will work with you to customize the design, material selection, dimensions, and performance characteristics of the gaskets to fit the equipment or product being manufactured, including thoroughly testing the component to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

Durlon® is on the Approved Material List (AML) of many multinational end-user databases – materials reviewed, tested, and allowed for use. With a full product range and a global manufacturing capability, we offer fast turnaround times no matter where in the world your site is located.

Below is a list of Durlon® gasket recomendations for the components of OEM services: