Sealing Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

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The basic principle of power generation involves the conversion of energy from one form to another. In electrical power generation, energy is converted from mechanical energy (such as the rotation of a turbine) to electrical energy (by the rotation of a generator). The mechanical energy is usually generated by the combustion of fossil fuels or by harnessing the power of water, wind, or sunlight.

The process of power generation varies depending on the source of energy being used. For example, in fossil fuel power plants, the fuel is burned to heat water, producing steam that drives a turbine, which in turn rotates a generator to produce electricity. In nuclear power plants, the heat is produced by nuclear fission, which is used to produce steam to turn the turbine.

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power use the power of natural forces to produce electricity. In a wind power plant, wind turbines are used to generate mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy. Similarly, in solar power plants, photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electrical energy.

With extensive experience in making products that can withstand the demands of high pressure, hazardous materials and gases, high temperatures and critical processes, Durlon® has proven to be a reliable supplier and service provider for a great number of power plants around the globe. Durlon® products combine high-performance, technology-driven fluid sealing performance with industry expertise and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Below is a list of Durlon® gasket recomendations for the Power Generation Industry: