Sealing Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

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The oil and gas industry is a major global sector that involves the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. The industry plays a critical role in meeting the world’s energy needs, providing fuel for transportation, heating, and electricity generation, as well as a wide range of other industrial and consumer applications.

Here are the Three Main Sectors within this industry:

  • Upstream – The upstream phase of oil and gas production involves the exploration and drilling of oil and gas wells which involves the search for underground reservoirs of hydrocarbons, such as oil and natural gas. This is typically done using a combination of geologic, geophysical, and seismic data analysis, as well as drilling test wells to assess the presence and quality of the hydrocarbon deposits.
  • Midstream – The mid-stream phase of oil and gas production involves the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from the well site to processing facilities. This involves drilling one or more production wells to extract the hydrocarbons, using a variety of technologies and techniques to optimize the efficiency and yield of the extraction process. The extracted oil and gas are typically transported to a processing facility, such as a refinery or a gas plant, for further processing and distribution.
  • Downstream – The downstream phase of oil and gas production involves the refining and distribution of petroleum products. The refining and processing of oil and gas involves a complex series of steps that are designed to separate the hydrocarbons into their various components, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. The process typically begins with the separation of crude oil into its different fractions, using techniques such as distillation, cracking, and blending. Once the refined products are produced, they are transported to various distribution points, such as terminals, pipelines, and storage facilities.

Durlon® Sealing Solutions are used worldwide and are well-recognized within the oil and gas industry. Our CNA, PTFE, and metallic gaskets follow the highest standards in the industry and are fire-safe API Standard 6FA, 6FB and API 607 (4th edition with Exxon modifications and 6th edition) Fire Test. Not only by designing and manufacturing a broad range of premium sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry, but we also take special care to focus on safety, product integrity, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

Our products are known for their reliability and safety in petrochemical production processes, offering the highest quality solutions while taking into account the need for regulatory compliance, reduced plant downtime, and ease of maintenance. With Durlon fluid sealing, quality, speed and flexibility are key and with our technical know-how and all encompassing product range, we can help our customers achieve reliable and safe productivity.

There is a specific need for gaskets that can resist high pressure and temperatures when considering safe and effective sealing in refineries. Durlon® delivers these gaskets from stock, and offers custom made sealing solutions.

Refining industry operations and processes can have highly detrimental environmental and social impacts not only due to the refinery processes themselves but also as a result of the wider end-usage of the industry’s products. As a result, governments impose a range of regulations on the petroleum refining industry and with Durlon products, we can proudly say that we meet all the specifications requested by ASME, API, and Defense Department Standards.

Below is a list of Durlon® gasket recomendations for the Oil and Gas Industry: