Sealing Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The following 3D Interactive Video displays the general* flow process of a generic gas plant.

  • Click on the play button to start the video.
  • For best viewing while in “play” mode, we recommend expanding to full-screen mode. Do this by clicking on the bottom right icon.
  • Once the video begins, use the forward or rewind buttons that will appear at the bottom of the screen as you motion your mouse to that area.
  • When in the play mode, you can zoom in or out of the mechanical elements by using the scroll feature of your mouse, or simply use your mouse curser to drag the scene around to locate all the elements. Click on any of the Durlon products that appear in the pop-up windows to be directed to more information of that products features.
  • Click the escape button of your keyboard to return to the original screen mode.

*NOTE: This is a graphical representation of a beer production process, showing the primary process flow path. It does not show the minor details of the process, rather it focuses on the equipment used, and other instruments that are present. It helps to illustrate how the major components of this type of process plant interacts with each other to bring about the desired effect.

Durlon sealing products are used worldwide and are well-recognized within the oil and gas industry. Our CNA, PTFE, and metallic gaskets follow the highest standards in the industry and are all fire-safe API Standard 6FA, 6FB and API 607 (4th edition with Exxon modifications and 6th edition) Fire Test. Not only by designing and manufacturing a broad range of premium sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry, but we also take special care to focus on safety, product integrity, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

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