Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Durlon® semi-metallic gaskets provide a robust sealing solution that bridges the gap between metallic and non-metallic materials, combining the strength of metal with the sealing capabilities of softer materials. Their Corrugated Faced Gaskets (CFG) are a prime example, featuring a corrugated metal core with a layer of laminated flexible graphite material. This unique configuration enhances the gasket's ability to conform to the flange surface, providing a highly reliable seal under varying pressures and temperatures. CFGs are especially useful in applications where thermal cycling is common, such as in heat exchangers and processing pipes.

In addition to CFGs, Durlon® offers Durtec® gaskets, which are known for their robust construction featuring a specially engineered machined metal core that is bonded on both sides with soft covering layers, typically flexible graphite. This type is particularly effective in handling fluctuations in pressure and temperature, making it suitable for applications in chemical processing, steam systems, and hydrocarbon processing where traditional gaskets might fail.

Another remarkable product in the Durlon® semi-metallic line is the Kammprofile gasket, which consists of a solid metal core with concentrically serrated grooves machined into the top and bottom faces and then covered with soft sealing material. This structure provides high compressibility and excellent recovery characteristics, making Kammprofiles ideal for varying pressures and temperatures. Additionally, Durlon® Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWGs) are composed of a metal strip and a softer filler material that are wound together to create a highly effective seal that can adjust to irregularities in the flange surfaces. SWGs are particularly valued in the oil and gas industry for their durability and versatility in handling thermal and mechanical stresses. Collectively, these Durlon® semi-metallic gaskets offer superior sealing performance in complex and demanding industrial environments.