Sealing Solutions for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Durlon sealing solutions reduce downtime, increase efficiency, conserve resources, and improve safety in a wide variety of pulp and paper processing applications. We understand that the number of sealing locations within a paper production plant to be controlled is correspondingly as large as the number of plant components that need to be sealed. The reliability of seals, as key components, plays an important role because they protect systems from external influences and contaminations, increase process safety, and help contain emissions. Our products deliver innovative sealing technologies for various stages of this industry, including digesters, chemical recovery, bleachers, refineries, agitators, compressors, and more.

We strive to provide a full range of innovative sealing technologies and solutions for all stages of the production and processing of raw materials in pulp and paper processing. These have special characteristics such as excellent resistance to highly corrosive media, varying pH range, hot and highly caustic slurries, high temperatures, high-pressure steam, and non-contaminating qualities for fine paper production.