Durlon® K40-ETG Kammprofile

Durlon® Kammprofile gaskets have a solid metal core with concentrically serrated grooves machined into the top and bottom faces. The metal core is typically stainless steel, but it can be supplied in various metallurgies as per the customer’s request. The serrated core is covered with soft sealing material and is dependent on the service conditions of the system.

Flexible graphite and expanded PTFE sealing layers are most common, but other soft materials can be used as well. While providing the Durlon® Kammprofile gasket with excellent sealing properties, the soft sealing layers also fill in minor flange imperfections and protect the flange surfaces from damage.

Industries Chemical Processing , OEM Services , Oil & Gas , Power Generation , Pulp & Paper
Durlon® Kammprofile gaskets are the preferred choice for applications requiring improved performance at low seating stresses. The serrated peaks provide reduced contact area and when combined with the soft conformable sealing layers, the Durlon® Kammprofile gasket provides a virtual metal-to-metal connection. They feature excellent resistance to blowout and provide superior stability for ease of handling and installation.