Sealing Solutions for Water & Wastewater

Water and wastewater treatment are a critical part of our everyday lives that are often taken for granted. At Durlon, we take this seriously. Water needs to be cleaned and treated before it makes its way through piping systems and eventually into peoples’ homes or disposed of so that it causes no detrimental impact to the environment.

Industrial wastewater is produced by many sources; breweries, dairy farms, pulp & paper, mining, pharmaceuticals, steel production, oil & gas fracking, nuclear plant, and food processing just to name a few. Whether it is disposed into the natural environment or in sewage networks, the chemical and physical properties of the wastewater need to comply with current regulations.

From water production to wastewater treatment, Durlon delivers safe, durable, and easy-to-maintain sealing solutions that recognize the critical importance and regulatory requirements of virtually every area of water management, including municipal, industrial, stormwater, wastewater, environmental, and drinking water. We are experienced in supplying sealing solutions for this complex market’s many application scenarios; to help eliminate water flush, excessive movement, erosion, and corrosion risks posed by thick sludge, chlorinated water, and other common industrial materials.