Sealing Solutions for Railway Transportation

Durlon rail-tank car gaskets are engineered to address the challenges related to the safe railway transportation of many commodities and hazardous chemicals. From manway lids to bottom outlet valves and flange connections, Durlon provides fluid sealing solutions for numerous tank-car applications.

Non-Accident Releases, or NARs, oftentimes result in costly and potentially dangerous situations. With a focus on eliminating NARs, Durlon and SecureTrack™ give tank-car manufactures, lessors, shippers, and repair shops the fleet-flexibility and process safety needed to combat these challenges. SecureTrack™ helps reduce mistakes made by suppliers or installers by providing gasket material consolidation, best practice procedures and comprehensive installation training.

The SecureTrack™ Program*
SecureTrack is a comprehensive and customizable program designed by Gasket Resources Inc. that standardizes materials, equipment, and procedures to eliminate bolted joint related NARs on railroad tank cars. SecureTrack™ terminates NARs by utilizing highly reliable standardized gasket materials that are compatible with virtually any shipping commodity and by providing best practices installation training and documentation.

*The SecureTrack™ Program is only available in the United States through GRI.

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