What thickness is best when choosing a gasket?

Sounds like a simple question, but in fact, requires more than a simple answer.
It is not always realistic to repair or adjust the misalignment of flanges. So, if flanges are corroded, uneven or not parallel, a thicker gasket may be recommended because of their compression capabilities.
So why do most gasket manufacturers recommend using thinner gaskets wherever possible?
Thinner gaskets offer many advantages:

  • Greater blow-out resistance and lower leakage rates due to the smaller cross-sectional area exposed to the internal medium pressure.
  • Environmental concerns
  • Better compressive strength and therefore higher gasket surface loads (pressure) can be safely applied to a thinner gasket.
  • Better fastener torque retention due to the lower creep relaxation characteristics of thinner gaskets.
  • Lower cost of the gasket itself.

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