Sealing Solutions for the Chemical Processing Industry

By combining innovative products with unparalleled service, Durlon recognizes the potential hazards and critical need for personal safety in chemical processing industries, while also considering the importance of regulatory compliance, reduced downtime, ease of maintenance, integrity, and emission reduction. We invest a great deal in research and development to consistently improve the performance of our sealing products. In addition to outstanding chemical resistance to various aggressive media, our gasket materials must resist high and low-temperature extremes and possess robust mechanical strength.

Many of our gaskets are certified for API 6FB and API 607, 6th edition Fire Tests, BAM, FDA Compliant, ABS-PDA Certified, USP Class VI Certified RoHS Reach Declaration, and TA-Luft (VDI 2440).

Whether you are dealing with agricultural chemicals, basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, consumer products, or pharmaceuticals, Durlon has the products, materials, and expertise you need in your industrial applications. When dealing with fine and specialty chemicals, gaskets that can withstand high temperature and chemical resistance are required. In addition to the use of aggressive and sometimes toxic media, temperatures from +300°C down to a cryogenic range are not uncommon. The material of the finished seal must be able to stand up to these varied conditions.