What’s the best way to control emissions from gasketed joints?

Here at Durlon®, our prime design objectives are to maximize the sealability of our gasket materials to meet fugitive emissions requirements. We offer two specific product categories that have been tested and proven to offer exceptional sealability in challenging conditions. Our filled-PTFE products – notably the most versatile product, Durlon® 9000 glass-filled PTFE, offers exceptionally tight sealing characteristics. Secondly, our specially engineered machined metal core gasket, Durlon® Durtec®, is ideally suited to fluctuating pressure and temperature conditions while being fire-safe and offering unparalleled sealability. When it comes to the hazardous and challenging conditions present in the oil & gas, chemical and mining industries, to name a few, these product specifications ensure safety, reliability and the assurance of a significant reduction in overall fugitive emissions.
The use of premium gasket materials with good seal ability numbers are the easiest ways to reduce emissions. Read more

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