Gasket Shelf Life

April 14, 2020

By: Sylvia Flegg, Global Marketing Manager, Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.

The shelf life for Durlon® gaskets vary, depending on the material and the length of time it has been stored. All full-sized sheets and rolls of Durlon® materials are fully lot traceable and have the applicable batch number and cure date printed on each sheet. Each material, however, ages differently so here are a few standards we recommend under normal storage conditions:

5 Year Shelf Life

Durlon® Compressed Non-Asbestos (CNA) sheet materials

6 Year Shelf Life

Durlon® HT1000

Unlimited Shelf Life

Durlon® PTFE sheets, Flexible Graphite, Durtec®, Kammprofiles and SWG’s

Storage Conditions

  • Gasket material should be stored in a cool, dry location.
  • Avoid storage of material in direct sunlight or near heaters.
  • Avoid contact with water, oil or chemicals.
  • Gaskets should not be stored so that they become too tightly packed and damaged.

Other Recommendations

  • All dust producing processes such as drilling, grinding and sawing should not be used near gasket materials.
  • Avoid hanging gaskets on pegs or nails as this may cause distortion of the gasket.
  • When stocking the shelves or bins where gasket materials are stored, the material should be rotated by placing the older material first or on top with the newer material behind or under it.
  • All gasket material should be properly identified to guard against misapplication.
  • Consider consolidating materials to 1 or 2 if possible, to prevent using the incorrect gasket usage – for example, Durlon® 9000 or 8500 both feature multi-application usage.

So, referring to some of the above, I like to describe ideal gasket storage similar to how some of us like to vacation – clean of sand, in the shade (out of UV) and laying down…and perhaps with drink in your hand!