Spring has Sprung!

The past few months have flown by, it’s hard to believe it’s almost summer! We hope you’re taking it easy and getting ready for beach season (mentally I’m already at the beach). We’ve been putting in the work, with lots of new things for you to check out. The sun is shining, rapport is high, let’s keep on keeping on! Don’t forget to check out our highlights below and keep updated on our social media!

Highlights to check out:

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Featured Product – Durlon® 8900

Durlon 8600

Durlon® 8900 was specially developed to withstand high temperature and pressure application with good chemical resistance. It contains high strength fibers and graphite fillers bonded with high performance nitrile (NBR) synthetic rubber. Rubber level was optimized to obtain a flexible sheet with good cutting properties without compromising on physical properties at high temperature. Durlon® 8900 has achieved the requirements of the Fire Test Certification ANSI/API 607, 6th Edition with zero leakage.

Durlon® 8900 is a premium grade compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material for service conditions to 496°C (925°F) and continuous operating temperatures of -40ºC to 400°C (-40ºF to 752°F) or 13.8 MPa (2,000 psi). It is suitable for water, saturated steam, superheated steam, oil, mild alkalis and acids, hydrocarbons and solvents.

Download the technical data sheet for Durlon® 8900 here

Durlon 8900 Physical Properties
Note: ASTM properties based on 1/16″ sheet thickness except ASTM F38, which is based on 1/32″ sheet thickness. This is a general guide only and should not be the sole means of accepting or rejecting this material. The data listed here falls within the normal range of product properties but should not be used to establish specification limits nor used alone as the basis of design.


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Featured Industry – Chemical Processing

Petrochemical Plant
The chemical industry is one of the most important economic sectors, and in general, can be divided into the following areas:

– Basic chemicals
– Fine chemicals
– Specialty chemicals
– Inorganic chemicals: Acids, Alkalis, Salt
– Organic chemicals: Pharmaceutical, Biochemical, Bioengineering

Each of these areas have different requirements, therefore, specially developed sealing solutions are required. The seals are essential for reliability, as they ensure hazardous, aggressive and corrosive media is controlled securely, regardless of the process or operating conditions.

The basic chemicals segment produces both inorganic and organic chemicals. Organic chemicals are used in the production of other chemicals, such as dyes, plastics, and petrochemical products. Inorganic chemicals usually are used to make solid and liquid chemicals, and industrial gases; sodium, sulfuric acid, and chlorine are some of the most common.

Products in the fine chemical industry are manufactured in discontinuous processes. Successive production steps, such as mixing, reacting and separating are typical here. The batches are often relatively small and the processes are demanding. Flexible, multi-purpose systems, usually equipped with agitators, reactors, filters, dryers and other special equipment, are predominantly applied. These different manufacturing processes often results in crystallizing, paste-like, highly viscous or highly corrosive media under changing pressure and temperature conditions.

Read about our Sealing Solutions for the Chemical Processing Industry here, and download the literature including an “Ammonia Production Process” showing where Durlon® products are used.


As we’re constantly testing our products, physical properties are subject to change. Make sure you’re keeping updated and refer back to our Technical References for the most up to date digital literature.

Industry Trade Shows

Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition – June 2-6, 2024
Forum for learning, knowledge exchange, innovation, and celebration of all that Canadian chemistry has to offer.

RBC Convention Centre – Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Canadian Mining Expo – June 5-6, 2024
Featuring 400+ displays showcasing the latest innovations, products and services. In addition, the Canadian Mining Expo will be hosting conferences; Mining for Talent, First Nations Forum and The Projects in the Pipeline series.

McIntyre Community Centre – Schumacher, ON, Canada

Global Energy Show – June 11-13, 2024
International meeting place for energy professionals to introduce new technologies, share ideas, meet new business colleagues, discuss energy transition, and do business together.

BMO Centre at Stampede Park – Calgary, AB, Canada

Hydrovision – July 15-18, 2024
HydroVision International is the largest gathering of hydro and marine energy professionals in the world. It also features industry experts discussing critical topics.

Colorado Convention Center – Denver, CO, USA



Next issue highlights: Industry and product focus. We’ll share a new video, news, and upcoming events. Don’t forget to update your Durlon® literature and we hope to tickle your funny bone with another comic strip. See you in August 2024!