Durlon® 8900

A premium grade material for service conditions to 496°C (925°F) and continuous operating temperatures of -73°C to 400°C (-100°F to 752°F). Suitable for saturated and superheated steam, oil, dilute acids and alkalis, hydrocarbons, and solvents. Durlon® 8900 has achieved the requirements of the Fire Test Certification ANSI/API 607, 6th Edition with zero leakage.


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Durlon® 8900 is a premium grade compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material for service conditions to 496°C (925°F) and continuous operating temperatures of -73ºC to 400°C (-100ºF to 752°F) or 13.8 MPa (2,000 psi). It is suitable for water, saturated steam, superheated steam, oil, mild alkalis and acids, hydrocarbons and solvents.
Durlon® 8900 was specially developed to withstand high temperature and pressure application with good chemical resistance. It contains high strength fibers and graphite fillers bonded with high performance nitrile (NBR) synthetic rubber. Rubber level was optimized to obtain a flexible sheet with good cutting properties without compromising on physical properties at high temperature.
Color: Black

Fiber: Aramid/Inorganic

Binder: NBR

Min: -100°F (-73°C)
Max: 925°F (496°C)
Continuous, max: 752°F (400°C)

Pressure, max: 2000 psi (138 bar)

Density: 100 lbs/ft3 (1.6 g/cc)

Compressibility: 7-17%

Recovery: 50%

Creep Relaxation: 15%

Tensile Strength: 2000 psi (13.8 MPa)

Sealability ASTM F37 (Nitrogen): 0.2 cc/min

Fluid Resistance - ASTM F146, IRM 903 oil, 5 hrs at 300°F (149°C)
Thickness Increase: 3%
Weight Increase: 15%
ASTM Fuel B 5 hrs at 70°F (21°C)
Thickness Increase: 4%
Weight Increase: 12%

Flexibility, ASTM F147: 12x

Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm, ASTM D257: 4.01 x 100

Stress Relaxation, DIN 52913 @ 7252 psi (50 MPa)
16 hr @ 347°F (175°C): 6500 (44.8) Min.
16 hr @ 572°F (300°C): 6000 (41.4) Min.

Gasket Factors:
m: 4.8
Y psi (MPa): 4851 (33.4)
Gb psi (MPa): 915 (6.3)
a: 0.428
Gs psi (MPa): 0.02 (0.0001)

m: 7.3
Y psi (MPa): 3730 (25.7)
Gb psi (MPa): 567 (3.9)
a: 0.556
Gs psi (MPa): .26 (0.002)
Navy Adhesion Test, API 607, 6th edition Fire Test, RoHS Reach Declaration