Durlon® sealing products are engineered to have the widest possible range of service applications allowing for gasket standardization, improving process safety by reducing the chance of installing the wrong gasket in the wrong service.
Most bolted joint failures are preventable. Gasket Resources offers a unique hands-on training program designed to eliminate the preventable failures when installing and replacing gasket materials.
Gasket Resources fabrication facility has thoroughly trained personnel whose main focus is on quality and customer satisfaction.

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GRI’s product development team is tirelessly working on the next innovative Durlon® fluid sealing solution for critical service applications. Durlon® sealing products have been designed, laboratory and field tested as proven before they are introduced into the industries we serve so that we are confident that Durlon® products will perform well every day. That is the Durlon® commitment to you our valued customer. On this page you will easily locate some of the specialized industries we serve and related information specific to your industry. We value your interest in GRI and our Durlon® sealing products and look forward to working with you.