Durlon® iGuard™ 8400

Durlon® iGuard™ flange Isolation and sealing systems consist of all the necessary components to seal and electrically isolate between flanges, from general service to severe service applications. Gaskets are available in Raised Face (Type F), Full Face (Type E) and RTJ (Type D) flanges from NPS 1/2” (DN15) to NPS 144” (DN 3600) or equivalent, to meet all international piping sizes.

iGuard™ 8400: The iGuard™ 8400 style isolation gasket is manufactured from 3mm (1/8”) thick genuine Durlon® 8400 phenolic fiber gasket material to improve sealability in critical service chemical environments from pH 2-13 and other aggressive media to 232°C (450°F). This design makes the iGuard™ 8400 ideal for ANSI Class 150 and 300 and comes in sizes from NPS ½” (DN 25) to NPS 96” (DN 2400) or international equivalents in Type E (full face) or Type F (raised face) configurations. These kits come standard with one iGuard™ 8400 gasket, two isolating Nema grade G-10 washers, two SAE zinc plated steel backup washers, and one Nema grade G-10 sleeve tube for every bolt/stud.


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Durlon® iGuard™ flange Isolation Kits are available for the following applications: Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Petro Chemical, Refining, Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Marine, Aerospace and LNG.

The standard iGuard™ kit consists of a gasket, isolating washers and isolating bolt/stud sleeves. The gasket/carrier can be constructed of plain phenolic, neoface phenolic, epoxy glass (G-3, G-10 or G-11), epoxy glass (G-10) bonded to 316SS core, Durlon® 8400, Durlon® 8500 or even Durlon® 9000. In gaskets with phenolic or glass carrier rings, the double-ogre sealing element provides a reliable concentrated unit load on the flanges using the lowest torquing conditions possible. For other styles, a spring energized PTFE sealing element is used.

CarrierSealing Element
Plain Phenolic
Neo-Faced Phenolic G-3
Silicone Glass G-7
Epoxy Glass G-10
Epoxy Glass G-11
Durlon® 8400
Durlon® 8500
Durlon® 9000
ASTM Test Method Plain Phenolic Neo-Faced Phenolic Hi-Temp Phenolic G-3 Silicone Glass G-7 Epoxy Glass G-10 Epoxy Glass G-10
D149 Dielectric Strength, volts/Mil 500 500 550 350-400 550 550
D695 Compressive Strength, psi 25,000 25,000 50,000 40,000 50,000 50,000+
D229 Water Absorption, % 1.60 1.60 0.70 0.07 0.10 0.10
D257 Insulation Resistance, Meg/Ohms 40,000 40,000 46,000 2,500 200,000 200,000
D790 Flexural Strength, psi 22,500 22,500 60,000 27,000 60,000 75,000+
D785 Hardness Rockwell, “M” 85 85 115 105 115 115
D256 IZOD Impact Strength, Ft-Lbs/in 1.2 1.2 12 8 14 12
D732 Shear Strength, psi 10,000 10,000 18,000 20,000 22,000 22,000
Operating Temperature -54°C to 104°C -54°C to 79°C -54°C to 200°C Cryogenic to 232°C Cryogenic to 138°C Cryogenic to 180°C
-65°F to 220°F -65°F to 175°F -65°F to 392°F Cryogenic to 450°F Cryogenic to 280°F Cryogenic to 177°F