Durlon® DuraSwell™ 7760

A gasket material for demanding applications that require excellent sealability, conformity to flange surfaces and recovery. Durlon® 7760 is designed to swell when in contact with oils and fuels. This helps increase the gasket stress for applications that require increased gasket loading that may previously be limited, due to insufficient bolting or flange constraints.


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Applications include water, fuel, oils, coolants and heavy duty equipment; oil pan covers, gear case and flywheel housing.
Durlon® 7760 contains high-strength synthetic fibres bonded with high-grade nitrile (NBR) rubber.
Color: Off-White

Fiber: Aramid-Inorganic

Binder: Proprietary Blend SBR

Min: -73°F (-100°C)
Max: 344°F (650°C)
Continuous, max: 205°F (400°C)

Max, bar (psi): 69 (1000)
Continuous, bar (psi): 34.5 (500)

Density: 103 lbs/ft3 (1.65 g/cm3)

Compressibility, ASTM F36: 7-17%

Recovery ASTM F36: 50%

Creep Relaxation, ASTM F38: <30%

Tensile Strength: 2100 psi (14.8 MPa)

Fluid Resistance - ASTM F146, IRM 903 oil, 5 hrs at 300°F (149°C)
Thickness Increase: <75%
Weight Increase: <50%
ASTM Fuel B 5 hrs at 70°F (21°C)
Thickness Increase: 15-30%
Weight Increase: <30%

Sealability, cc/min ASTM F2378 (Nitrogen): 0.01

Flexibility, ASTM F147: 4x

Gasket Factors:
m: 6.9
Y psi (MPa): 2412 (16.6)
Gb psi (MPa): 95 (0.655)
a: 0.609
Gs psi (MPa): 4 (0.027)
RoHS Reach Declaration