Did you know we offer Gasket Installation Training?
If you are a pipe-fitter, maintenance personnel, engineer, or gasket distributor & fabricator, we have the right training program for you!

We customize training to fit your needs by providing an in-person or on-line Gasket Installation training session(s) with our FADU rig that will address the causes of gasket failure and teach your group about bolted flange connections, help prevent lost production time, reduce maintenance costs, improve operational health and safety, reduce/eliminate fugitive emissions, and so much more.

Program Overview
Correct Gasket Installation will increase the life of the gasket, reduce your maintenance costs and reduce leakage.

Level 1

  • The bolted Joint (function of a gasket, mechanics of a bolted joint, function of bolts, studs and nuts, bolt relaxation)
  • Evaluating joint failures
  • Cleaning inspection and installation
  • Basic installation using the modified legacy method
  • Live installation with FADU rig

Level 2

  • Gasket failure analysis/Root cause analysis
  • What to look for when evaluating gasket installations
  • PCC-1 Overview
  • In-depth understanding of forces acting upon BJFA
  • Alternative torque control devices (Torque multipliers, hydraulic and stud tensions) pro’s and con’s
  • Alternative methods of installation such as quadrant, circular, and simultaneous multi bolt (why and where to use them)

Schedule Your Gasket Installation Session
Download our Program Overview here, and send us an email request.
From beginner to advanced training options are available. Let us custom fit your needs!
Instruction provided by our Durlon Technical Team.

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